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Our powerful and professional patient management service is key!

Some words about Germany Health and what we do. GermanyHealth is located in Munich, the capital of healthcare in Germany. GermanyHealth is the only online platform that makes it simple for patients from abroad to book the best hospitals and clinics in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, or Switzerland.

High-Quality treatment, the best treatment options, fast appointment organization, short waiting times but also exclusive services can be obtained at GermanyHealth. More than 65 hand-picked, certified, and trusted hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Switzerland and more than 3850 well-selected medical experts and a competent care team, support international patients from abroad to access the best hospitals in Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic and Switzerland easy and simple to receive high-quality healthcare.

Therefore, we’d like you to know, that GermanyHealth is cooperating and networking with well-trusted and accredited medical experts and worldwide recognized and certified hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Switzerland only.

We visited every hospital to ensure the hospital matches our high German standard criteria for patients coming from abroad.

What we do, we are doing professionally and from the  .



We are striving to accomplish to reach

the best medical treatment at the best conditions for our clients

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Why Choose Us

Germany Health is a premier health service provider with unparalleled performance, strong integrity, and an impressive track record.

We are striving to accomplish to reach the best medical treatment at the best conditions for our clients. Therefore, we offer you our patient services.

Your advantages and benefits if you book your treatment with us.
  • Simple access to the best hospitals
  • We know what is hight quality treatment
  • We optimize your stay
  • No waiting time with us
  • Transparent billing statements
  • Reliable service and doctors

Data Security and Protection

We never sold and we never will sell any personal data to a third party. We keep your personal data absolutely confidential.

Any transmitted personal data, medical records, or scans are going to be stored on a secure server in Germany.

The same counts for our cooperating partners like health providers. They will keep your personal data in strict confidence.

We follow the German data protection law.

Affordable Treatment Cost

We are concerned and focused to deliver high-quality medical treatment provided by well-selected doctors at the best hospitals and clinics.

However, not everybody is able maybe to afford the treatment cost at top hospitals. Therefore GermanyHealth offers you even affordable treatment costs in combination with high-quality treatment.

Especially if you have to stay focused on your financial budget GermanyHealth got the knowledge and experience of how to organize the treatment according to your financial budget.

Medical treatment in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, or Switzerland doesn’t have to be expensive.

We listen, understand, and make it simple.