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We set out to offer and provide the best possible treatment options and solutions to international patients. Because we are committed to providing high-quality care to our patients at a reasonable cost. As a result, we only work with carefully selected accredited and certified clinics and hospitals.

We have accredited and visited our medical partners to ensure they are qualified for international patients. Hence, all hospitals and clinic meet the criteria we expect. You can find the best hospitals in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and even Switzerland with our service.From our network, you can also find affordable health clinics.

You never have been in Germany? Get information about the beautiful country here: Visit Germany. If you are seeking affordable treatment, we recommend to visit the Czech Republic.  It’s worth having your medical treatment in the beautiful country of chocolate, watches and banking is Switzerland.


Find best hospitals for your medical treatment in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in the Czech Republic


Essentially, our service stands for the organization of the best medical treatment options. Hence, we quickly organize your doctor and appointments. Our patient service assists you in locating the best medical treatment in Germany and doctor at reputable clinics and hospitals. You can, however, book additional services such as transfer service, interpreting service, and patient management service. Therefore, we provide medical treatment in Germany for tourists too.”


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Popular Orthopedic Surgeries

high-quality treatment and best hospitals in Germany

We’d like to introduce you to some of the most popular procedures that patients book on a regular basis. Essentially, the Czech Republic is by far the most affordable country. Germany and Switzerland, on the other hand, have the highest quality. The word “affordable” should be used in the context of quality. As a result, this does not imply that Czech doctors do not provide high-quality care! Hence, we assist you in selecting the best clinic and hospital for your treatment in Germany.

Most popular orthopedic treatments in Germany

Shoulder Surgery

Best shoulder treatment in Germany:

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery Hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland

Spine Surgery

Best Spine surgery in Germany:

Minimally Invasive spine surgery Hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland

Knee Replacement

Best Knee treatment in Germany:

Total knee replacement surgery Hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland

Hip Replacement

Best hip surgery in Germany:

Total hip replacement surgery Hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland

ACL Knee Surgery

Best ACL surgery in Germany:

Arthroscopic knee ACL Surgery Hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland


Is medical treatment free in Germany?

Of course not.

How much is medical treatment in Germany?

Well, it depends on the treatment or surgery you would like to book.

The cost of medical treatment in Germany

The quality of healthcare in Germany is absolute outstanding. But the cost of medical treatments are reasonable, compared with countries like the USA, UK or Switzerland. Medical treatment in Germany for foreigners is very easy to access. However, we organize your medical treatment in Germany at the best clinics and hospitals.

Is it possible to conduct an online consultation with a German doctor?

Yes, of course. GermanyHealth provides a remote medical second opinion online service. You get a real expert second opinion by a Germany medical experts. You can get more information about here: Medical Second Opinion Service

Our service helps to find best medical treatment in Germany

Here, we provide you a selection of the top German hospitals and clinics. If you’re searching for top-notch medical treatment in Germany.

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