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Knee Surgery

Shoulder Surgery

Hip Surgery


Treatment after car accidents,

serve bone injuries,

Multi complex trauma-surgery


Artificial knee replacement

Artificial hip replacement

and more …

Spine Surgery

Artificial Disc Replacement

Herniated Disc Surgery

Spine Scoliosis Surgery


Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Brain Stroke Rehabilitation

Comprehensive Physiotherapy

Medical Checkup

Health Prevention

General Medical Checkups

Premium Luxury Checks

Bariatric Surgery

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Stomach Bypass

Stomach Balloon


Cancer Treatment

Tumor treatment

Viral Herbal Treatment

Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Anti Aging Treatments


In-vitro Fertilization

Donated Egg Fertility

Gender Choice


“Popular Treatments in Germany”

Knee Replacement

Knee Surgery Hospitals in Germany for:

Total knee replacement surgery Hospitals in Germany

Hip Replacement

Hip surgery Hospitals in Germany for:

Total hip replacement surgery Hospitals in Germany

ACL Knee Surgery

Knee surgery Hospitals in Germany for:

Arthroscopic knee ACL Surgery Hospitals in Germany

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery Hospitals in Germany for:

Arthroscopic shoulder Surgery Hospitals in Germany

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery Hospitals in Germany for:

Minimally Invasive spine surgery Hospitals in Germany

High-Quality treatment, affordable treatment, fast appointment organization, short waiting times but also exclusive services can be obtained at GermanyHealth. More than 65 hand picked, certified and trusted German hospitals, more than 3850 well selected medical experts and a competent care team, supports international patients from abroad to access hospitals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic easy and simple to receive high quality healthcare.

GermanyHealth is cooperating and networking with well-trusted and accredited German medical experts and worldwide recognized and certified hospitals and clinics in Germany and within Europe only.

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