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We offer the best specialized hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czechia and Switzerland

best specialized hospitals

We’re at GermanyHealth think as a patient coming from abroad you deserve best specialized hospitals. When you are seeking the best possible treatment option related to your health situation GermanyHealth is your partner.

We make it easy for your to find the best hospital but more so the best doctor who can help you. Therefore, we’d like to present some of the leading hospitals and clinics from different countries. It doesn’t matter, if you either focusing in high quality treatment or even you have to watch out your financial budget. We treat all of clients the same and respect their wishes. Especially you, who is flying a long way in, you deserve the best clinics and top doctors.

Check out our list of the best offered clinics and hospitals by us. You will see, we could built up an outstanding cooperations with clinics and hospitals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even with in the Czech Republic. Per example find with GermanyHealth the best orthopedic hospitals in Germany.

Facing any trouble with language? Therefore, our competent CareTeam will help you to bridge the language barriers. But we also help to understand the process, how to get an appointment arranged and how to get your cost estimate very fast. Thus, our personal assistance service makes it simple for you!

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic offers fabulous clinics and hospitals!

We help you

You deserve the best specialized hospitals if you seeking medical treatment abroad.


best Private Hospital in Berlin

Book very simplebest Private Hospital in Berlin | Germany. They come up with very excellent Doctors and friendly staff. Expect nice comfortable rooms in the hospital.

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treatment of migraine in Germany
The best clinic for the treatment of migraine in Germany. The specialized clinic is located in the beautiful Garmisch-Partenkirchen next to Munich.

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Specialized Eye Hospital Munich

Find and Book very simple best eye clinics and hospitals in Munich.

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Hirslanden Clinique La Colline
Book very simple best specialized hospitals for medical treatment in Geneva | Switzerland.

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specialized hospital surgal clinic
Best clinics for orthopedics, aesthetics, bariatric & general surgery in Czechia.

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Orthopedic Physiotherapy Center in Munich

Book very simple the best qualified and best orthopedic physiotherapy center in Munich | Germany. Professional physical therapy in Munich for fast recuperation after orthopedic surgery.

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Private IVF fertility clinic

Book very simple the best Private IVF Fertility Clinic for IVF treatment in Prague | Czech Republic.

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top clinic for gastroenterology in munich

Book very simple best Clinics for Endoscopy and Gastroenterology in Munich | Germany.

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Exclusive Addiction Rehabilitation Hospital

Book very simple top exclusive clinics and centers for drug addiction rehabilitation in Switzerland.

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Pyramide leading hospital in Switzerland

Book very simple best and leading specialized hospitals in Zurich | Switzerland.

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Leading Aesthetic Surgery Clinics in Czechia

Book very simple best clinics for aesthetic and cosmetic surgery in Prague | Czech Republic.

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Specialized Orthopedic Hospital in Germany

Book very simple the best specialized hospital for orthopedics in Germany. The specialized orthopedic hospital Germany offers all orthopedic specialties under one roof.

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OZA orthopedic clinic Munich

Book best orthopedic clinics for orthopedic treatment in Germany. We recommend the OZA Orthopedic Clinic Munich.

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Armona Orthopedic Rehabilitation Hospital

Book very simple best Rehabilitation Hospitals for orthopedics | Austria.

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orthopedic hospital Munich

Book very simply the best hospitals for orthopedics in Munich | Germany. We bring you to the best orthopedic hospital Munich.

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GYNEM Specialized IVF Fertility Clinic

Book very simple best clinics for IVF In-Vitro Fertilization | Czech Republic.

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic

Book very simple best clinics for aesthetic and plastic surgery in Munich | Germany.

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Malvazinky Hospital Czech republic

Book very simple best affordable hospitals for orthopedics | Czech Republic.

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Private Addiction Rehabilitation Hospital

Book very simple high quality and specialized hospitals for addiction rehabilitation treatment in Switzerland.

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Sports Medicine Clinic in Munich

Book top orthopedic clinics for sports medicine in Munich. The Sports Medicine Clinics in Germany focusing on conventional treatments first and second on surgery.

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Bariatric Surgery Hospital ISCARE

Book very simple best clinics for bariatric surgery in Prague | Czech Republic.

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Rehabilitation Hospital Malvazinky

Book best professional rehabilitation hospitals for orthopedics in the Czech Republic.

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Zurich Hirslanden Klinik Switzerland

Book very simple best and specialized hospitals in Switzerland. The Hirslanden Klinik for exclusivity and high-quality.

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Book very simple the best clinics in Frankfurt | Germany. The privat clinic Frankfurt combines several top doctors under one roof if it comes to surgery or surgical interventions.

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Orthopedic Surgery Center in Munich

Book very simple the best specialized orthopedic clinics and hospitals in Munich | Germany. For example, if you need hip replacement or knee replacement , or ACL surgery contact us now.

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ASKLEPION Dental Stomatology Clinic

Book very simple best aesthetic surgery clinics and hospitals | Czech Republic.

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Orthopedic Joint Clinic Germany

Book very simple one of the top hospitals for orthopedic treatment in Germany. The orthopedic joint clinic Germany offers you very good conditions and prices for surgery.

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M1 pediatric diagnostic clinic

Book very simple best clinics and hospitals for pediatric diagnostics in Germany.

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