Specialized Rehabilitation Hospitals

specialized rehabilitation hospitals

Find the best-specialized rehabilitation hospitals in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and in Switzerland. Those offer their patients high-quality rehabilitation treatments and professional therapies.

If you are looking for specialized hospitals and clinics for rehabilitation treatment and physiotherapy, GERMAYN HEALTH can help. Therefore, check our list of “Specialized Rehabilitation Hospitals” and choose a hospital you are interested in to book your treatment at. Hence we make it simple for you to arrange the best clinics and hospitals for high-quality orthopedic rehabilitation or neurological rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation center

The healthcare systems of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland offer a high amount of very specialized rehabilitation centers for orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. However, not all of them are prepared for international patients yet.

Specialized rehabilitation centers offer rehabilitation treatments such as physiotherapy, ergo therapy, manual therapy, medical massage, lymphatic massage, underwater therapies, speech therapy, and others. Therefore, doctors from orthopedics or neurology rehabilitation are exchanging their experiences and the latest techniques at international medical congresses for rehabilitation medicine annually.

New treatment in neurology for brain stroke

A new promising treatment for stroke patients could be stem cell therapy. Neurorehabilitation in combination with stem cell therapy for brain stroke rehabilitation can improve a patient’s quality of life. Read more about it here and get informed about brain stroke recovery with stem cells.

Friendly Rehabilitation

In general, the staff at private rehabilitation centers is well trained and in some centers for rehabilitation, the medical staff speaks English at some facilities. However, our service is bridging the language barriers and helps you to understand the process. We assist and help you.

We organize Rehabilitation Centers and Clinics

GERMANY HEALTH is a health service provider with unparalleled performance, strong integrity, and an impressive track record.

If you don’t know which of the specialized rehab centers is the right one for you, just contact our Personal Assistance Service to receive individual assistance from us. For patients with the highest demands, we recommend booking our VIP Medical Concierge Service which includes all parts of services and transfers.

Finally, we focus our clients on high-quality rehabilitation treatment at specialized rehabilitation hospitals located in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.  We provide rehabilitation in orthopedics and neurorehabilitation. We make it simple to find the right clinic for rehabilitation and recuperation.

List of the best specialized Rehabilitation Hospitals

Orthopedic Physiotherapy Center in Munich

Book very simple the best qualified and best orthopedic physiotherapy center in Munich | Germany. Professional physical therapy in Munich for fast recuperation after orthopedic surgery.

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Armona Orthopedic Rehabilitation Hospital

Book very simple best Rehabilitation Hospitals for orthopedics | Austria.

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Sports Medicine Clinic in Munich

Book top orthopedic clinics for sports medicine in Munich. The Sports Medicine Clinics in Germany focusing on conventional treatments first and second on surgery.

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Rehabilitation Hospital Malvazinky

Book best professional rehabilitation hospitals for orthopedics in the Czech Republic.

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Rehabilitation hospital PassauerWolf

Book very simple best Hospitals for rehabilitation treatment in Germany.

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Rehabilitation Hospital in Berlin

Book very simple Rehabilitation Hospitals for neurology and orthopedics in Germany.

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best orthopedic rehabilitation hospital Munich

Book very simple best Rehabilitation Hospitals for advanced orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany.

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