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Comprehensive Medical Checkup in Germany

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We connect you with certified and trusted clinics for comprehensive medical checkup in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. Thanks to Germany Health you easily organize your general medical checkup program in Germany. Hence, our competent care team helps and supports international patients from abroad to find the right hospital easily and simply to receive high-quality prevention medicine.

GermanyHealth is cooperating and networking with well-trusted and experienced doctors for a comprehensive medical checkups only. We offer even only worldwide recognized and certified prevention clinics and hospitals in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. Find here some example clinics.

High-Quality treatment and fast appointment organization, short waiting times by our personal assistance service. Patients with high demands can book our VIP Medical Concierge Service to get the best hospitals or clinics for medical checkups and prevention check-ups.

What is a General Medical Checkup or Prevention Health Checkup?

A comprehensive medical checkup or prevention check should provide information about whether everything in the body is in perfect order. Through various tests, the physician can determine whether e.g. deficiencies exist or signs of inflammation are present. So in summary, a medical check-up serves as a precaution for your health.

When should you consider going for a Comprehensive Medical Check-up?

A general checkup in Germany should be considered for reasons of age, check-preventive, or if there are any signs of illness. In order to exclude certain diseases that may occur due to age, a preventive check helps.

Who should think of getting a Comprehensive Medical Checkup?

Basically, every adult can undergo a general medical check-up. However, from a certain age, a woman or a man should regularly carry out certain preoperative examinations, e.g. cervical cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, etc. can be excluded.

From the age of 45, everyone should undergo a colonoscopy every 5 years as colon cancer is one of the most common diseases. Women should go for breast cancer screening once a year. We offer complete comprehensive medical checkup programs for women too.


What is included in a General Medical Checkup?

A full medical checkup list includes the following examinations:

– Anamnesis of patient (Patient’s history)
– Blood laboratory tests (Big blood picture)
– Ultrasound of abdominal organs (Gallbladder, Liver, Kidneys, Bladder, Pancreas)
– Rest and stress ECG

– Doppler ultrasound heart check
– Ultrasound of carotid artery
– Lung function test (Spirometry)
– X-ray chest (if you are or have been a smoker)

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How long does a complete health checkup take?

A comprehensive medical checkup in Germany takes between 3 to 4 hours. Depending on the clinic, there will be a concluding talk on the same day or if the laboratory values are available, which takes 1 additional day. During your comprehensive medical checkup, you will be accompanied by 1 of our patient managers.

Medical Check up in Germany

Can I book additional medical checkup packages in Germany?

Yes, you can combine additional medical checkups from other specialties. Basically, you can add all further listed examinations to your general medical checkup. Hence, it is also possible to book the additionally listed examinations separately.

Additionally examinations you can book:

– Gastroscopy (stomach, gullet, esophagus)
– Colonoscopy (Colon cancer prevention)
– MRI brain (Stroke prevention check)
– Full body MRI scan (Siemens 1.5 T)
– Heart CT scan incl. 3D reconstruction
– Diabetes checkup

– Urology male check-up
– MRI of the prostate
– Gynecology female check-up
– MRI of female organs
– Skin (cancer screening)
– Hormone status

Inpatient or Outpatient Medical Checkup?

The outpatient department organizes any general complete checkup. You stay in a hotel and visit the designated clinic to see doctors for your tests.

There are clinics for a full body checkup in Germany where you can schedule an inpatient checkup. You stay in one of the cozy rooms with a full board at the clinic for a thorough medical examination. Hence, you are permitted to bring one family member with you. Following that, you will be picked up for the appropriate tests for your health checkup in Germany.

Outpatient General Checkup

  1. All tests and diagnostics on one day
  2. Time approx.: 3-4 hours
  3. Results available 1-2 days later
  4. Final discussion after 2 days
  5. Total time 3 days

Inpatient Regular Check-up Program

  1. All tests and diagnostics in  1 or 2 days
  2. Results available 1-2 days later
  3. Final discussion after 2 days
  4. Total time 3 days
  5. Accommodation: Comfortable room incl. full board

Premium VIP Checkup Package in Germany

  1. All medical checks and diagnostics in 2-3 days
  2. Results available on the last day of medical checkup
  3. Final discussion on day 3/4
  4. Total time 3/4 days
  5. Accommodation: Comfortable room incl. full board
  6. Leading VIP Clinic

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