total knee replacement surgery in German

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

at best clinics and hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic or Switzerland

Actually we can offer more than 35 hand-picked orthopedic hospitals for total knee replacement surgery.These hospitals are certified and trustworthy orthopedic hospitals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland for a Total Knee Replacement Surgery (Knee Arthroplasty).

107 well selected German, Austrian, Czech and Swiss orthopedic experts for a total knee replacement surgery (Knee Arthroplasty). Hence our competent care team, supports international patients from abroad to access easy and simple best hospitals for orthopedics to receive high-quality health care.

With GermanyHealth you can find the best cure for your knee when it comes to a total knee replacement surgery. Therefore, patients who are interested in high-quality medical treatment requests a free cost estimate / quote from clinics and hospitals.

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Indication of Total Knee Replacement / Knee Endoprosthesis

The general indication for total knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty in osteoarthritis at its advanced stages. As a result your knee cartilage gets extremely thin and in some places gets completely worn out. Thereof, patients can develop a deformity of the joint surface with bony growths. This can result in severe knee pain, swelling and limited mobility in the affected knee. See total knee replacement surgery video

Which types of Knee Endoprosthesis are available?

total knee replacement surgery in Germany

Titanium is used to make the implant’s metal parts. The use Polyethylene with an extremely high molecular weight for the plastic components.

Therefore, the medical industry creates and produces materials for medical usage and for highest level of tissue tolerance. Additionally, they allow the knee joint to function permanently and painlessly following the treatment.

How long is the hospital stay after a total knee endoprosthesis surgery?

Your stay in the hospital for the total knee replacement surgery lasts seven to ten days. Thus, you immediately begin physiotherapy, knee bending exercises, and walking training throughout your hospital stay.

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Summery of Price

In summary, the average cost for a total knee replacement (knee arthroplasty) in average starts from: 7.700 up to 24.000  Euro.

The cost of a total knee replacement surgery (knee arthroplasty) in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic or Switzerland is demonstrated of the following facts:

  • Choice of country
  • Cost of the doctor (cost of surgery – type of intervention and degree of seclusion)
  • Cost of anesthesia (length and duration of surgery)
  • Hospital costs (fixed assessment costs – basic costs of a clinic – base rate)
  • Cost rooms in the hospital (single room, private room or regular hospital room)
  • Some clinics, such as the university hospitals, have a special premium package for international patients which increase the cost.

According to your ideas and wishes, we can offer you the appropriate hospital or clinic in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic or Switzerland. Let’s discuss. We make it simple! We believe Germany is the best country for knee replacement surgery.

What’s next once discharged from hospital?

After discharged from the hospital you need daily and intensive rehabilitation treatments such as physiotherapy and manual therapy for usually of 2 to 4 weeks. An appropriate and comprehensive rehabilitation treatment after a Knee Replacement Surgery is essential. Experienced and skilled physiotherapists will take care of you from the beginning. Therefore, you can book best orthopedic rehabilitation hospitals for physiotherapy and orthopedic rehabilitation through GermanyHealth. Hence, we help you to organize the right hospital.

Alternatives to total knee replacement surgery

Stem cell therapy involves the generation of specific types of cells from stem cells. As a result, new cells are then used to replace cells which have been damaged by illness or injuries. Thus, stem cell therapy from the bone marrow or belly fat is, per example, suitable for the treatment of osteoarthritis and arthritis. But only if there is still some cartilage inside the knee joint left. Hence, stem cell therapy for knees can help to avoid knee replacement.

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