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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

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Indication of Total Hip Replacement / Hip Arthroplasty

Osteoarthritis in its later stages is typically a reason for total hip replacement surgery or hip arthroplasty. Hip cartilage thus becomes very thin and, in some instances, entirely worn down as a result of this condition. Unfortunately, bony growths can deform the joint surface. This can cause discomfort, swelling, and restricted mobility in your hip joint.

Which type of hip endoprosthesis are available?

total hip replacement surgery in Germany

The implant’s metal parts are constructed of titanium or alloys based on cobalt and chromium. Furthermore, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is used in the production of the plastic components. Our surgeons uses special ceramic or ceramic/metal hybrid implants at younger patients. So to recommend the right hip implannt for your total hip replacement surgery, we need your medical files.

These artificial hip joints are constructed of materials that were created specifically for medical usage and have the maximum level of tissue tolerance. Additionally, the implants allow the joint to operate painlessly and permanently following the operation.

How is an artificial hip replacement performed?

In a minimally invasive procedure known as an anterior hip replacement, the orthopedic surgeon approaches the hip joint from the front of the hip rather than the side or the rear. However, this method allows for the replacement of the hip without the need for muscle detachment surgery. It’s also called “mini-anterior approach” or “muscle-sparing hip replacement”

The orthopedic surgeon works within the muscles’ normal space between them. As a result, there is less surgical trauma and faster healing. Please watch videos here: total hip replacement video

How long is the hospital stay after a hip replacement surgery?

A total hip replacement surgery often requires a hospital stay in an orthopedic facility of 5 to 7 days. Therefore, you already receive light physiotherapy and walking instruction while in the hospital.

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Total Hip Replacement Surgery Cost

In conclusion, the average price range for a total hip replacement surgery, also known as a hip arthroplasty, is between 8.700 and 24.000 EURO.

Following factors contribute to the cost of a total hip replacement surgery (hip endoprosthesis):

  • Cost of the doctor (cost of surgery – type of intervention and degree of seclusion)
  • Cost of anesthesia (length and duration of surgery)
  • Hospital costs (fixed assessment costs – basic costs of a clinic – base rate)
  • Cost rooms in the hospital (single room, private room or regular hospital room)
  • Some clinics, such as the university hospitals, have a special premium package for international patients which increase the cost.

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Total Hip Replacement Recovery

Typically you need 2-4 weeks of daily, intensive rehabilitation treatments like physiotherapy and manual therapy. You receive an appropriate and thorough rehabilitation program following a total hip replacement surgery.  You can book your rehabilitation of one of the top orthopedic rehabilitation facilities in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, or Switzerland. View and Book best hospitals for rehabilitation and physiotherapy in our hospital list of “Best Rehabilitation Hospitals.

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