Brain Stroke treatment with Stem Cells

Brain Stroke Treatment With Stem Cells

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Brain Stroke Treatment with Stem Cells: A Step Towards function recovery

The road to brain stroke recovery can be challenging, but with cutting-edge advancements like with stem cells, the possibilities are expanding. Embracing innovative approaches like using cord blood stem cells can significantly enhance the chances of recovery and regain lost functions. Can the brain stroke treatment with stem cells full recover the stroke victim? Maybe. It depends on the individual itself and how severe the brain stroke is.

Types of Stem Cells and Their Origins

Stem cells are broadly classified into three main types: embryonic stem cells, adult or somatic stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Embryonic stem cells are derived from embryos, adult stem cells exist in specific tissues throughout the body, and iPSCs are artificially reprogrammed from adult cells.

What are Umbilical Cord Blood Cells

The umbilical cord cell therapy for stroke recovery are obtained from the umbilical cord blood after the umbilical cord has been cut off at the birth of a child. These stem cells also remain in the placenta. It has been known since the early 1990s that umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells. Get more information on Wikipedia and read here about umbilical cord blood cells.

However, stem cells (adult stem cells) are even more effective than stem cells that can be obtained from bone marrow or abdominal fat. Hence, those stem cells from umbilical cord blood are used for brain stroke rehabilitation, which improves the patient’s quality of life.

Allogeneic transplantation of umbilical cord blood is currently the norm. This means that the patient is given umbilical cord blood stem cells that do not come from himself but from a suitable donor. As a result, umbilical cord blood stem cells and brain repair from a stroke is the best combination by today.

For what you can use Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells?

الخلايا الجذعية وإصلاح

Allogeneic umbilical cord blood stem cells are currently used primarily for:

  • Ischemic Brain Stroke
  • Hemorrhagic Brain Stroke
  • Hypoxic brain damage
  • Autism( children)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Alzheimer
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Genetic diseases in children (cerebral palsy, and autism syndrome disorder (ASD))

As already explained, umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells.

Stroke Rehabilitation what to expect?

Stem cell therapy holds immense promise for individuals affected by stroke. By leveraging the regenerative capabilities of cord blood stem cells, medical experts are pioneering groundbreaking treatments that may revolutionize stroke rehabilitation.

When to get umbilical cord blood therapy for acute ischemic stroke?

As soon the patient is back to the regular ward, patients can undergo the therapy with umbilical crd blood cells. The sooner the patient is treated the better. Why? Because according to clinical trials the brain showed it is most active after the stroke and this is the time when you should receive umbilical cord blood (UCB) cells. However, the administration of UBC cells should be between 2 month and 2 years after the stroke.

Where can I find studies about umbilical cord blood cell treatment?

The use of umbilical cord blood stem cells for stroke rehabilitation has garnered significant attention in the medical community. Several clinical trials are underway in Germany, assessing the safety and efficacy of this innovative approach. Early results show promising outcomes, with some patients experiencing improved motor function and cognitive abilities after receiving cord blood stem cell therapy.

Numerous clinical trials have been conducted to explore the efficacy of umbilical cord blood stem cells in stroke treatment. Initial findings have been promising, indicating potential benefits in promoting nerve regeneration, reducing inflammation, and improving overall recovery.

See trials of Brain Stroke Treatment with Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Blood Cells:

1. Laskowitz, Daniel T. et al. “Allogeneic Umbilical Cord Blood Infusion For Adults With Ischemic Stroke: Clinical Outcomes From A Phase I Safety Study”. STEM CELLS Translational Medicine, vol 7, no. 7, 2018, pp. 521-529. Wiley, doi:10.1002/sctm.18-0008.

2.  Tian-Kuo Lee, Cheng-You Lu,  Sheng-Tzung Tsai et al. “Complete Restoration of Motor Function in Acute Cerebral Stroke Treated with Allogeneic Human Umbilical Cord Blood Monocytes: Preliminary Results of a Phase I Clinical Trial.” 2021 Jan-Dec:30:9636897211067447. doi: 10.1177/09636897211067447.

Important questions brain stroke treatment with stem cells

How does stem cell therapy work?

The doctor administrates an infusion (blood transfusion) through the vein of the patient which contains the umbilical cord blood cells. No stem cells or exonoms will be extracted as the clinic uses all from the cord blood.

Can the brain be repaired with stem cells?

Basically, some brain cells but not all, can be repaired. However, this leads to the improvement of motor functions and better cognitive aspects. The results can be seen within 4 weeks to 6 month.

Can you cure a stroke with stem cells?

Honestly said, no! Patients gained improvement in motor functions and cognitive functions. They re-learned to walk, speak and as a result they have a better life.

How much does stem cell therapy for stroke cost?

Receiving cord blood stem cell therapy cost you 44.000 Euro. Why is so expensive? Well, the clinic has to collect cord blood from 4-6 donors which are stored in their own cord blood bank. The patient gets 50 million cells per Kg. This is huge process and that’s why it is so expensive.

brain stroke treatment and recovery in Germany

Umbilical Cord Blood Cell therapy stem cells and brain recovery treatment

The Brain Stroke Treatment Process with Stem Cells:

1.) Send your medical report to us together with the diagnosis

2.) Tell us when the stroke happened and where the patient currently is

3.) Let us know which medications the patient is currebtly taking

4.) After did get all the requested informations we will discuss it with the medical director

5.) Once we got his approval for the treatment with stem cells from umbilical cord blood we will schedule a video call with him. In this call, which is for free, you can ask all about the treatment.

6.) If you are aready to book an appointment it can take up to 6 weeks and 2-3 month until we are able to give you an appointment. So the sooner you apply for the better for the patient it is.

7.) At day of arrival a shuttle will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel There you will meet the doctor and his team for the first check.

8.) At the appointment the patient gets a cord blood transfusion which is administrated through the vain. This takes about 3 hours. During the infusion the doctor will monitoring the patient. However the will do a cross check of the blood group to make sure all is safe for the patient.

9.) After the treatment a chauffeur bring you back to your hotel and you can relax.

10.) The day of departure you will see the doctor and he will check the patient. If all is ok you can leave or fly back home.


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