Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Hospital Zurich

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Hospital in Zurich

The Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Hospital in Zurich Switzerland counts as one of the specialized private leading clinics for addiction treatment and treatment of psychosomatic disease in Switzerland and offers exclusive private treatments. The Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Hospital Zurich is absolutely highly specialized and focused on patients that have drug addictions or psychosomatic diseases and offers an outstanding service to their wealthy patients. However, the drug addiction rehabilitation hospital counts among the top 10 clinics for drug rehabilitation in Europe.

There are 4 doctors and 3 psychotherapists at the Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center in Zurich that practice interdisciplinary medicine for addictions and psychosomatic medicine and work closely together in order to deliver the highest standard of treatment to their patients.

They are able to provide the best integrated and comprehensive medicine and care to patients. The Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Hospital in Zurich offers an individual and private confident treatment atmosphere, which is on its own.

Accreditation and Listings

The Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Hospital Zurich has been awarded certificates and awards for its excellent level of service and quality.

Clinic Impressions

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Hospital Zurich

The Drug Addiction Hospital Zurich is fitted with modern exclusive apartments for their international patients, to provide the highest comfort during their hospital stay. The apartments feature a living space, dining space bathroom incl. shower and flat TV. The Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center Zurich offers a daily menu and accepts any special dietary requirements. High demanding patients can book their exclusive chalet which comes in a typical Swiss mountain style.

You will have a private butler who will be responsible for you personally as long you stay at the addiction treatment hospital.

Successful doctors working at successful hospitals

The Drug Withdrawal Rehabilitation Hospital Zurich, Switzerland not only excellent clients under one roof, furthermore, the Addiction Rehabilitation Center Zurich offers excellent educated, trained and skilled doctors and therapists. They are following and offering the latest research results in addiction treatment medicine and psychosomatic treatments.

Biomolecular Restoration

Scientific rejuvenation for body & brain

Biomolecular Restoration (Bio-R) is an innovative medical treatment pioneered by The Exclusive Addition Treatment Hospital to correct harmful imbalances in our biochemistry. It promotes physical health, emotional wellbeing, weight loss and anti-aging via a formulation of micronutrients that is unique to each patient.

Bio-R is particularly effective for the treatment of addiction, which is closely associated with complex imbalances in brain chemistry. By restoring balances in the brain and body to healthy levels, Bio-R greatly enhances the chances of successful recovery.

Service in the Clinic

    Phone on the apartment

    TV on the room

    Private Butler Service
    free Wifi available

    Room service

    Credit Card Acceptation
    VIP Premium Service

    Private Therapies

    5 Star Apartments

Departments in the Hospital

  • Drug Addiction Treatment

    • Alcohol addiction rehabilitation
    • Treatment of Methamphetamine addiction
    • Rehabilitation treatment of Cocaine addiction
    • Sex and Love addiction rehabilitation
    • Treatment of Medication addiction
    • Drug addiction rehabilitation
    • Heroine addiction treatment
    • Nicotine addiction treatment
    • Treatment of Gambling addiction
  • Psychosomatic Disease Treatment

    • Depressions
    • Burnout
    • Trauma
    • Anxiety Disorders
    • Codependency
    • Chronic pain

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