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Pediatric Diagnostic Clinic Munich

The Pediatric Diagnostic Clinic Munich is a modern clinic and counts to the leading center for pediatric diagnostics in Munich, Germany. The Pediatric Clinic is highly specialized in diagnosis and treatment of medical disease of children and infants and combines pediatric healthcare with latest medical results of pediatric treatment.

The specialists at the Specialized Pediatric Diagnostic Clinic Munich practice interdisciplinary pediatric medicine and work closely together in order to deliver the best standard of diagnosis and treatment to their young patients. The Pediatric Diagnostic Clinic is equipped with latest technologies that are currently available.

The Pediatric Diagnostic Clinic MunichGermany is a center of high-end pediatric diagnostics and medicine and medical innovations. They are able to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment to children and infants. More so, the clinic enables individual and safe patient care.

Accreditation and Listings

The hospital has been awarded numerous certificates and awards for its excellent level of service.

Hospital Impressions

Pediatric Diagnostic Clinic Munich

The doctors at the Clinic operating and treating their young patients in a modern hospital which is fitted with modern rooms for their international patients, to provide the highest standard of comfort during their hospital stay. The rooms feature a bathroom incl. shower and flat TV. The beds are fitted with a phone and all rooms have WiFi so that patients can stay in touch with their family. 1 parent can stay with the child on the room incl. the daily menu.

Successful doctors working at successful hospitals

The Clinic for children and infants in Munich combines not only competence on extraordinary level, furthermore, they offers excellent educated, trained and skilled doctors. They are following and offering the latest research results and techniques in diagnostics of children medicine.

Service in the Hospital

    Phone on the room

    TV on the room
    Wifi available

    Private rooms possible
    Credit Card Acceptation

Departments in the Hospital

  • Pediatric Diagnostics | Treatments

    Range of Service:

    • Thyroid gland disease
    • Pulmonary disease
    • Hematological disease
    • Blood sugar (diabetes)
    • Nephrological disease
    • Cardiological disease
    • Gastroenterological disease
    • Neurological disease
    • Orthopedic disease

    Range of treatments and departments:

    • Cardiology
    • Gastroenterology
    • Orthopedics
    • Nephrology
    • Neurology
    • Pneumology
    • Allergology

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