Orthopedic Physiotherapy Center in Munich

Orthopedic Physiotherapy Center in Munich

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The Orthopedic Physiotherapy Center in Munich offers outpatient physical therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation treatments. The facility is a fully equipped gym and training place for orthopedic physical rehabilitation. Such variety creates an excellent opportunity to carry out professional orthopedic rehabilitation treatments.

The Physiotherapy Center for Orthopedics in Munich offers a professional unique synergy of sophisticated techniques in physiotherapy with modern ambiance and outstanding service. They are partnering with leading orthopedic hospitals in Munich, Germany. At the clinic state-of-the-art technical devices such as modern training devices are available.

The clinic is situated 10 min by car away from the Munich city center.

The Physiotherapy Center in Munich

The Physiotherapy Center offers modern therapy rooms for international patients, to provide the highest standard of comfort during your therapies. You can expect top rehabilitation treatments for orthopedic rehabilitation, Scoliosis treatment and rehabilitation, after-spine surgery rehabilitation treatment, and knee or hip replacement surgery.

The hospital has been awarded numerous certificates and awards for its excellent level of service and quality, including the ISO 9001:2015 certification, as well several awards.


Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Munich City

The doctors for physiotherapy at the Physiotherapy Center in Munich are excellently trained and educated. The owner and chief is holding a diploma degree in physiotherapy and osteopathy. The physiotherapists at Institute for orthopedic physiotherapy hold master’s degrees and attend courses regularly for updating their knowledge and extending their skills.

Parking available

Diplom Therapists available
Wifi available

Credit Card Acceptation
Cafeteria & Restaurant

Pharmacy next door

Physical therapy at the Orthopedic Physiotherapy Center in Munich

  • Rehabilitation treatment for Orthopedics

    After an orthopedic surgery what you will wish for is to recover and to resume a complaint-free active life as quickly as possible. The specialized rehabilitation treatment team of experts will assist you with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. The team of physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists is committed to supporting you in this with both great dedication and know-how and the most modern techniques. See videos of physical therapies for example for knees.

    • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system
    • Congenital and acquired disorders of the musculoskeletal and locomotor systems
    • Degenerative and chronic disorders of joints and spine
    • Spine surgery rehabilitation
    • Scoliosis surgery rehabilitation
    • Rehabilitation treatment after hip replacement surgery
    • Comprehensive rehabilitation treatment after knee replacement surgery
    • Rehabilitation of shoulder after surgery
    • ACL / PCL rehabilitation after knee surgery

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