Specialized Eye Hospital Munich

Specialized Eye Hospital Munich

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The Specialized Eye Hospital Munich is a modern eye clinic and counts as one of the leading ophthalmology hospitals in Munich, Germany. The Specialized Eye Hospital Munich is a specialized hospital for eye treatment and eye surgery and combines healthcare with the latest medical technology for eye treatment.

The 4 eye specialists at the Specialized Eye Clinic Munich practice interdisciplinary ophthalmology and work closely together in order to deliver the best standard of eye treatment to their patients. The eye clinic is equipped with the latest technologies that are currently available.

The Specialized Eye Hospital Munich is a center of high-end medicine, medical innovation, and research. They are able to provide the best possible treatment to patients. The Specialized Eye Clinic in Munich enables individual and safe patient care.

The clinic also offers special laser treatments such as LASIK laser and femto Lasik procedures. They run their own center for eye laser surgery in Munich.

Accreditation and Listings

The specialized eye hospital Munich has been awarded numerous certificates and awards for its excellent level of service and quality, including the ISO 9001:2015 certification, and got an award from German health insurers.


Departments in the Eye Hospital

  • Ophthalmology (eyes)

    Range of Service:

    • Diagnostics and treatment of cataract
    • Diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma
    • Plastic eye surgery
    • Retinal diseases/retina diagnostics (macular degeneration, retina-vitreous surgery and diagnostics)
    • Corneal diagnostics
    • Contact lenses/lens diagnostics
    • Consultations for children
    • Measurement of visual acuity

    Range of refractive surgery services:

    • Femto-LASIK (treatment with the Refractive Suite – at the moment the fastest laser platform)
    • Astigmatic Keratotomy Treatment
    • Lens implant (artificial lens in addition to the natural lens)
    • Lens exchange (an artificial lens replaces the natural lens)
    • Laser lens replacement (femtosecond laser instead of scalpel)

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