Specialized Orthopedic Hospital in Germany

The Specialized Orthopedic Hospital in Germany

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The Specialized Hospital for Orthopedics in Germany is a dynamic orthopedic hospital and counts to one the leading hospitals for orthopedics in Germany. The Specialized Hospital for Orthopedics in Germany combines healthcare with comfort and latest medical technology.

Find Leading Specialized Hospital for Orthopedics for different orthopedic treatments at the Orthopedic Clinic. In order to deliver the best standard of treatment to their patients, only highly qualified doctors offering their medical expertise there. All of the departments and operating theaters are equipped with latest technologies that are currently available. The major clinic is the innovative clinic for orthopedics, spine surgery, endoprosthetics, sports medicine and shoulder surgery.

Accreditation and Listings

The clinic has been awarded numerous certificates and awards for its excellent level of service and quality, including the ISO 9001:2015 certification and awards from German health insurers.



Hospitals Impressions

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The clinic is fitted with hotel-style rooms for their international patients, to provide the highest standard of comfort during their hospital stay. Therefore, the rooms feature a bathroom incl. shower, mini bar and the beds are fitted with a phone, fat TV panel and all rooms have WiFi so that patients can stay in touch with their family. They also offer a suite for a very comfortable stay with kitchen and extra space. Also the hospital in Germany also offers a daily à La Carte menu and accepts any special dietary requirements. 1 family can stay with the patient on the room incl. the daily card menu.

Successful doctors working at successful hospitals

Also the Orthopedic Hospital combines not only excellent clients under one roof. Furthermore, the Specialized Hospital for Orthopedics offers excellent educated, trained and skilled doctors. They are following and offering the latest research results and techniques. Hence, they are presenting even new operation techniques and new results to the world.

Service in the hospital

    Phone on the room

    TV on the room

    Bathroom for disabled

    Disabled Mobility Access

    Chief Doctor Service available
    Wifi available

    Private rooms possible

    Room service

    Family Accommodation

    Checkup for Family Members
    Credit Card Acceptation

    Parking available

Departments in the Hospital

  • Ankle | Foot Surgery

    • Congenital clubfoot, and surgery of recurrent clubfoot in patients of any age in particular
    • Neurogenic foot deformities (clubfoot, pes cavus, pes planovalgus, pes equinus, and pes calcaneus)
    • Posttraumatic foot deformities, degenerative foot deformities (arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)
    • Diabetic foot including Charcot foot
    • Hallux valgus Surgery
    • Hallux rigidus Surgery
    • Metatarsophalangeal joint arthrosis
    • Correction of hammer and claw toes, Haglund exostosis
    • Plantar fasciitis
  • Endoprosthetics

    • Hip Joint Replacement Surgery
    • Knee Joint Replacement Surgery
    • Shoulder Joint Replacement surgery
    • Ankle Joint Replacement Surgery
    • Wrist Joint Replacement Surgery
    • Artificial Disc replacement Surgery
  • Health Check / Medical Checkup

    • Comprehensive Medical Checkup
    • Blood Analysis Checkup
    • Hormonstatus Check
    • Cardiology Checkup
    • Ultrasound Organs Checkup
    • Prevention General Checkup
    • Cardiology Checkup
    • Ultrasound Organs Checkup
  • Orthopedics | Sports Medicine

    • Orthopedic Consultation
    • Osteoarthritis Treatment
    • Treatment of Arthrosis and Osteoporosis
    • Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
    • Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery
    • Arthroscopic Knee Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL Reconstruction Surgery
    • Arthroscopic Knee Posterior Cruciate Ligament PCL Reconstruction Surgery
    • Femur Head Fracture Surgery
    • Hip Arthroplasty Surgery
    • Refixation in case of rotator cuff tears
    • Stabilisation Surgery of shoulder dislocation and instability
    • Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
    • Minimally Invasive Ankle Joint Surgery
    • Foot Surgery
    • Hand and Wrist Surgery
    • Arm Fracture Surgery
    • Arthroscopic Hip Surgery
    • Artificial Hip Joint Replacement Surgery
    • Treatment of Bursitis
    • Arthroscopic Shoulder Dislocation Surgery
    • Shoulder Fracture Surgery
    • Capsule dilatation to relieve a stiff shoulder
    • Removal of calcifications in calcified tendons
  • Spine Surgery

    • Artificial Disc Replacement
    • Decompression Spine Surgery
    • Spine Nucleotomy
    • Herniated Disc Surgery
    • Dynamic Spine Stabilization
    • Minimally Invasive Surgery
    • Kyphoplasty Surgery
    • Vertebroplasty Surgery
    • Laminectomy
    • Spinal Canal Stenosis
    • Spine Fusion Surgery
    • Spondylolisthesis Stabilisation

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